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Children’s Future Solution


Children’s Future Solution

As a parent, you would want to give the best possible future to your children. This includes good education and security, in case of any eventuality. Soon, your little child will grow up, and it will be time to provide for his or her higher education and wedding. The purpose of Children's Future Solution is to create an adequate amount for future expenditures such as those on higher education and wedding, and to provide for an adequate security cover during their growing years. Children's Future Solution acquires added importance because children's education and wedding are high priority life goals, which can neither be postponed nor can there be a compromise on the amount.


What scares the Indian parents the most?

There are only 2 major factor’s that scares the parents most, it is the cost of education & the cost of marriage. The cost of education in India is no child’s play. Starting from kindergarten, that can cost you anywhere between Rs 60,00 to 2 Lakh per year. Even pre-schools are costing a bomb now as most of them doubles as creches providing day care facilities to working parents.The cost of education in India is increasing at a fast pace. From primary to secondary to higher education, parents are increasingly finding it difficult to meet the growing fee structure and other costs associated with education.

Secure Your Child's Future With Child Insurance

For all the parents, the child's dreams and her/his future mean everything. Every parent strives to give the best to her/his child and all their financial activities are directed towards ensuring that sufficient financial reserves are built up so that the child can receive a quality education and a top career in life. As part of this financial activity, having the right kind of an insurance plan in place for securing the financial strength for your doting child is very essential. Such plans, referred to as "child insurance plans" are instruments for both insurance coverage as well as "investment". These plans offer extensive benefits and are best suited for assuring that sufficient corpus is secured so that the educational requirements of your child are met without any hassles.

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